Frequently asked questions

How does your Sign In Motion Work?

The Rotating Advertising Cylinder spins horizontally 360 degrees continuously allowing your message to be viewed in its entirety in a matter of seconds


How many revolutions per minute do your Signs In Motion spin?Our Rotating Billboards are designed to give you the flexibility to run from 0.5 up to 4 revolutions per minute using our Variable Speed Control Box.


Is Your Sign In Motion a permanent installation or can it be moved around?

Our Rotating Billboards are very much Mobile and ca be placed on almost any flat level ground surface.  Our Rotating Billboards mobility allows you to strategically place the unit near a highway or large cross street as long as there’s electricity readily available.  All our Rotating Billboards are equipped with leveling bolts in case of uneven ground. The Rotating Billboard is not made for Business Rooftop Installations only Parking Rooftop Structures can support the weight of the Rotating Billboards.  


How long can you have the Rotating Billboards up for?

You can have the Rotating Sign up for as long as you need to run your advertising campaign providing electricity is available from a standard 110 volt electrical outlet.  If your installing in an area were electricity is not readily available, then you would need to run a generator.   For one day or one year of continuous use the Rotating Sign will work exceptionally well.


Do your Signs In Motion require a one month minimum of use which is typical with most Billboard Companies?
With our Rotating Billboards you have the ability to choose the duration of your advertising campaign.  You can run a campaign for one day or for any length of period you desire.  


How Much Advertising Space is there on the Signs In Motion?
That depends on the size of the Rotating Billboard.  (See Price List for more details)
Our Rotating Billboards offer 360 degrees of advertising space. There are two banner sections.  The main banner section is where you place your message or advertisement.  The bottom banner section is small but great for brand and sponsorship recognition.      


How Manny Banners can you place on the Billboard In Motion?
Main Banner Area- For full 360 degree coverage you have the ability to place 3 or 4 banners around the circumference of all Rotating Billboards 
Bottom Banner Section- You also have the ability to place 3 or 4 banners on the base area of the Rotating Billboard as wellGreat for sponsorship awareness.


How Many different sizes of Signs In Motion do you offer?

There are 10 Different Rotating Billboards available- Depending on your specifications.  We offer Rotating Billboards sizes as small as 10’ tall by 15’ diameter up to 30’tall by 62’ diameter.

Signs In Motion sizes currently available

10’ tall by 15’ diameter
10’ tall by 20’ diameter
15’ tall by 20’ diameter
20’ tall by 20’ diameter
20’ tall by 25’ diameter
20’ tall by 32’ diameter
20’ tall by 45’ diameter
25’ tall by 45’ diameter
25’ tall by 62’ diameter
30’ tall by 62’ diameter

A Price List is available for more details.  


Do you only offer your Signs In Motion in Cylinder style or are there any other configurations available? 

We try not to deviate from a rotating cylinder because it offers the best aerodynamic qualities.   If there are requests for configurations other then the cylinder then we can offer square and 3 sided (triangular) configurations but I sincerely would not recommend them because of there flat surfaces making them more susceptible to high winds.  Our gear motor safety cultch works extremely well when using an Inflatable cylinder during high winds.  The safety clutch will not fare well during high winds for both the square and triangular style Inflatable Billboards making the rotation come to a stop for the majority of the time.   


Do you do any servicing or installations on a National scale?
We do offer a maintenance and/or service program on a National and Global scale.  Hotel, Airfare, Per Diem and an Installation charges will be added to the purchase cost of your Signs In Motion.  Installation training is also offered when the initial installation is performed by our installers.


How Many Installers do you need to set up or takedown a Sign In Motion?

That depends on the size of the Sign In Motion and the experience of the installers.  Generally it takes two installers to perform an installation as well as a takedown once properly trained and have gathered enough experience.


How long does it take to install a Signs In Motion?
That depends on the size of the Sign In Motion and the experience of the installers. 
For Example: A 20’ by 20’ Rotating Billboard would take our experienced installers about an hour and a half to perform an installation and less than an hour to perform the takedown.  If you’re barely in the training phase it could take you up to four hours to perform the installation and about 2 hours to do the takedown.  Once you become acclimated then the average time can vary from one and a half hours up to two and a half hours for the installation and for the takedown about 40 minutes up to an hour and a half.     


How well does the Sign In Motion work in high winds?
All Rotating Inflatable Billboards fare well in high winds because of its aerodynamic cylindrical shape.  A gear motor safety clutch is also activated during high winds. . The gear motor safety clutch also allows you to safely stop the Rotating Inflatable Cylinder by simply grabbing the top frame section with your hand.


Do you have a Patent on your Signs In Motion?
We are currently in a Patent Pending status at the moment. 

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